Engine Compartment Cleaning
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Denver Auto Spa’s Engine Compartment Cleaning

People often spend hours cleaning and waxing the exteriors of their vehicles and time keeping the interiors spic and span. Those same people very rarely open the hood except maybe to check fluid levels. After a few years, the engine compartment becomes a real mess. Years and even months of driving in all weather conditions add a layer of dirt and filth on an engine that many people simply overlook. That, paired with the normal wear and tear of an engine and its components, oil and fluid leaks… can lead to massive build up on the engine.

So why should you have your engine compartment cleaned by us?  The technicians at Denver Auto Spa are trained not only in making your car or truck look brand new both inside and out, but at detecting early oil/fluid leaks, early belt wear  and cosmetics wear under the hood. Engines will also run cooler, thus preventing excess wear and tear on the internal component when there is not a layer of grease and dirt collected on it. This is especially important with modern engines that operate hotter in more compact engine compartments. The biggest reason to keep engine compartment clean is to prevent under hood fires.

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