With a full range of automotive detailing, dent and scratch repair, paint touch up and more, Auto Spa has the solutions that are just right for you and your ride!

Four Reasons Auto Spa Detailing is for you!

Dent Repair

1Denver Auto Spa's Dent Repair process is the art of removing minor dings and dents from a vehicle, while maintaining the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish.

Dent Repair Before

Denver Auto Dent Repair
Paint Touch Up

2Chips on a car can severely ruin its looks. Thankfully the professionals at Denver Auto Spa can get your ride looking like new with our paint touch up service.

Dent Repair Before

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Scratch Repair

3There's nothing more frustrating than a scratch on your car. Denver Auto Spa understands that, and that's one of the reasons why we specialize in car scratch repair.

Dent Repair Before

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Headlight Resto

4Headlight lenses can start to appear yellowed or less clear with age, reducing the effectiveness of the lights. Our team can restore headlight to look like new again.

Dent Repair Before

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